Interactive Wireframe Testing

Understanding user flows through user testing, we created interactive prototypes that allowed us to clearly see what each student was thinking.


  • University of Sioux Falls


For our work with University of Sioux Falls, we didn’t rest on our laurels. Instead, as part of our quest to perfect layouts and navigation, we conducted two rounds of full wireframe testing, where we asked future students to make their way through our mockups and help us determine the right path — and any missing gaps — before we got into the design process.

The process was down and dirty, and we liked it that way. We pulled in some monitors and set up shop during USF’s new student orientation week, asking questions about why they chose USF and, more importantly, what they expected out of their web experience.

This kind of wireframe testing gave us more than just a quick way into the hearts of some future students: it gave us peace of mind that our decisions were sound — and, when they weren’t, it gave us plenty of time to adjust them before we dove into design.

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