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Discovery and Content Modeling to Fit a Larger Brand

By mapping local needs to a national design model, Blend and Delta Dental South Dakota combined the best of both systems.


  • Delta Dental South Dakota

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While Delta Dental is one of the largest national dental insurance providers, each state’s agency is treated as an independent entity. What this means is each agency has a sometimes difficult decision to make: do we forge ahead with national marketing efforts, or do we branch off and handle our own?

Our consultation work with Delta Dental of South Dakota took on two parts. First, we helped Delta Dental of South Dakota create a strategic content plan through wireframes and content model, helping center their focus on the local customer rather than the national status quo. Then, we helped the South Dakota team integrate national marketing — through a review of Delta Dental’s Adobe Experience Manager solution and a design audit of their standard templates — in order to help them move forward with the provided solutions.

It was the best of both worlds for Delta Dental of South Dakota: they were able to customize their content around the needs of South Dakotans, while still using a majority of the elements provided by the nationally designed web site. Win win for everyone all around.

Project results.

  • Card sorting helped prove assumptions and adjust navigation based on user needs
  • Modeling helped Delta Dental South Dakota's team understand what they could use from the corporate templates — and what needed custom coding
  • Proposed functionality was eventually rolled into the larger Delta Dental system, and Delta Dental South Dakota was positioned as a leader within the organization

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