Moving Hundreds of Articles and Making Them Fit

Migrating from multiple sources to a single repository, Blend developed a consistent and unified content model.


  • Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago


When a project involves content migration, it often pulls from one source and moves it to another. Sometimes it’s easy, like pulling a book from one shelf and placing it onto another. Other times, it involves more complexity, like translating a book from one language to another.

With Lurie Children’s blog migration, it was actually even more complex: to migrate content from multiple separate blogs and pull them into one central solution. It was like taking three books off of a shelf and combining them in a way that makes sense.

Blend was able to do this by creating a consistent content model among all blog posts, and then adapting content — through an automated script — to fit that new model. Posts were then given appropriate categories to align them with their current subjects, all while still living in the same central location.

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