An Intranet Solution Built on Episerver

Connecting hundreds of people within an organization requires a unique content solution.

The College of Nurses of Ontario is responsible for serving a widely varied collective of nurses across the entire province, but that’s not their only audience: they also need to collect, maintain, and broadcast the information needs of everyone who works at College of Nurses of Ontario. In other words, they didn’t just need a website. They needed an intranet, too.

Rather than shove their needs into an existing intranet software solution, Blend helped CNO leverage their existing Episerver familiarity into a new custom-built intranet. Beyond just storing documents and listing a directory, we also helped them integrate their Microsoft Exchange servers, develop personalization features, and create an overall feel of community for those working both in the office and beyond.

The solution was another in a long line of successful projects within the CNO/Blend partnership.

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