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Migrating to Umbraco for Internal Communication

Migrating a complex intranet build from one CMS to Umbraco, Blend developed full intranet plan from content strategy to final migration.


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Intranets are known to be messy. They’re content-heavy, susceptible to bloat, and a constant struggle; even for those who have rich governance plans around their intranet, the very nature of internal communication lends itself to a complicated web of resources.

At Blend, it’s no different. However, as might be expected from a firm that solves complex content problems, we take our intranet one step further — Blend’s intranet has always been one part internal communication resource, one part proving ground for our wild experiments.

Take our most recent incarnation, for example — we decided to use the intranet as a way to prove our skill at migrating between two content management systems.

The first step was to form a full-scope migration plan to move from our existing Episerver site — which had served us well but was nearing end-of-life — into an Umbraco site. Our history with both Episerver and Umbraco helped us both understand and plan for the complexities in moving between two content management systems.

Then, Blend took specific sections of the site (based on common content types), such as the employee pages and news pages, and performed an automated and structured migration — essentially, we mapped the old content fields to the new content model, allowing us to import pages as they appeared on the old site, but within the new one.

Finally, we worked through the remaining pages as dictated by our content matrix. The content matrix outlined the new site outline — a site map, of sorts — and then expanded upon it, providing insight into source content, expected blocks and content types, and expectations of ownership.

This all helped us easily and efficiently migrate the site with our future content — and governance of that content — in mind.

Project results.

  • Extensive pre-planning to ensure the content model could support existing content
  • A full migration plan, including automated and manual migration as necessary
  • A successful Episerver to Umbraco migration


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A deep history of work.

Blend has been working with Umbraco since 2013, and has developed sites in numerous verticals.

2023 Gold Partner.

Blend is a Gold Solution Partner with five Umbraco certified developers on staff.

Contributing Partner

In addition to being a Gold partner, Blend is one of 2022's Contributing Gold Partners, given to agencies that go above and beyond to contribute to Umbraco's open-source project and community.

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