A Standalone App for Data Communication

Creating a better way to enter, communicate, and deliver information on testing for national compliance.


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The healthcare industry is connected through layers of interconnecting data models. These models allow different systems to collaborate with each other in order to provide some level of standardization.

This standardization is important when it comes to accessing patient records, and it is equally important when communicating the effects and rules around certain types of testing, which is why a regional healthcare testing organization asked Blend to build an application that would allow them to better deliver testing rules and regulations to other healthcare systems around the nation.

The application began as a set of wireframes, which were then tweaked for editorial responsiveness and data retrieval. The application itself allows editors to create and edit guidelines for each individual test, all in a format that’s easily digestible by those who need to receive and interpret the information.

While the application was a custom .Net build, it was created with a mind toward the future: to be translated into something that can be managed through a content management system, meaning we got to build for the current healthcare landscape as well as into the future.

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