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A New Site to Pair With A New Front Door

Brookings Health System wanted to create a new front door for the hospital — both literally and digitally.


  • Brookings Health System

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Creating a content management system that makes sense isn’t always the easiest task: editorial workflow can be complicated. For Brookings Health System, we wanted to make things easy to manage, with as little re-work as possible.

We started by helping BHS clean up the existing service taxonomy, creating a uniform set of services and facilities for providers to connect to. Then, within Drupal, we created a system that allowed providers to reference facilities and services — and vice versa.

By creating single points of connection for all content pieces — each facility, each provider, each service — we were able to create a web of expertise that requires minimal editorial upkeep. What’s more, that taxonomy and content model expands to the news and events feeds. One point of entry with hundreds of connections, all just behind the scenes. Just like the health care expertise you expect.

The site isn’t just for site editors, either. The new Brookings Health System site includes special accommodations for those working with newborns so they can easily grab information for new babies and get them submitted and published on the site as soon as possible, with little capacity required from the everyday content team.

This is done through a custom content entry form, independent of the main Drupal editing interface, and allows delivery staff to submit and publish newborn information quickly, which means parents get to brag about their new bundles of joy even faster than before.

Project results.

  • An increase in traffic of nearly 100% a year after launch of the new site
  • Improved design and navigability to match the wayfinding of the on-site facility
  • Clean and editor-friendly Drupal UI to make creating content as easy as finding it

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