Single Entry, Double Feature

Briar Cliff University’s course catalog becomes a single source of truth — and course information — across the university.


  • Briar Cliff University


Universities are big — even small ones. This is evident any time a student opens up the course catalog to see hundreds of potential courses. And it’s a major pain point for anyone who has to keep those courses up to date — not only on the website, but everywhere.

For Briar Cliff University, Blend integrated their existing course catalog into the Umbraco install, allowing for a singular source of information that fuels course data across the university. Now, as an editor makes a change in the course catalog, it is represented online, on mobile, and even in the proofs for the print catalog.

This is all scheduled as a task, so there’s no need to do anything except keep that source data updated. It’s the dream of structured data: to be used in multiple arenas and synced from output to output. And, it just so happens to be the dream of those who are tasked with keeping that information up to date.

Project Results:

  • Created a single source of truth for university course information
  • Set up daily scheduled pushes to ensure that updates weren’t missed
  • Developed an easy-to-understand UI for displaying the full course list on the Briar Cliff site

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