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A Small Team with Big Benefits

Over the years, we have learned to adapt quickly, grow, and lean in. Blend is a group of tight-knit employees who love working and learning together. With more people and businesses implementing social distancing, web was a necessary communication channel for our clients, now more than ever.



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Blend is a small team - and that's on purpose! We have found that with our smaller team, we provide a level of attention to detail and collaboration with our clients that meets the expectations set in the values that Blend was built around. 

One of our biggest strengths as a small team is our ability to adapt and to respond to change quickly. We can be on the same page while adjusting due to changing conditions (2020, we’re talking to you). Our clients have less hoops to jump through while working with us through these changes and see less friction in their day-to-day activites because of it. We use the skills and education that we have to advocate for our clients, especially during difficult times.

Our team is made up of less than 20 individuals with all kinds of experience and specialties, but one thing we have in common is our passion for providing an exceptional customer experience and connecting on a level deeper than work. We usually know what our coworkers and clients are up to over the weekend, and what grade your child is entering next year. With that personal touch, the work that we do becomes personal. Providing excellent outcomes, quick communication, and solving problems for our clients is not only necessary but is instilled in our culture. We lean on each other to solve problems inside and outside of work and keep each other transparent and personally accountable. Because we aren't a business of 500+ people we can’t let important details slide and our clients don’t get lost in the corporate shuffle or silos. That helps our clients know that they can rely on us to get the job done the right way. 

Because Blend is a boutique shop, we offer perks that aren’t always talked about every day. Throughout an entire project, each employee will likely have their hands in it, which means our clients have the wide range of expertise and years of combined experience at their disposal. Everyone brings new ideas forward, takes risks, and the outcome is amazing projects that can be accurately measured for satisfaction, and needed change is openly talked about and considered.

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