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Front-End Developer

We're always looking to meet with talented front-end developers. While we're not currently hiring for a front-end developer, we'd love to chat.

Drop us a line.

We are not currently hiring for a front-end developer. But, talent is talent — if you're a top-tier front-end dev, we'd love to get to know you.

We're thankful to have an incredible front-end development team. But, while we're not currently searching for a front-end developer, we'd still love to get to know you.

Here’s what we look for: someone who can take user-centered web design and make it real through solid front-end development skills. We need someone who understands accessibility and performance — who can handle the HTML/CSS to make accessible and responsive design a reality.

This is a development-forward, but design-minded position.


  • Work with design to build design systems to act as a toolbox for the design process, leaning more toward blocks and elements than full-page templates
  • Extend existing design systems for support clients and ongoing sites.
  • Work seamlessly with our back-end developers and the rest of the development team on projects of all sizes & scopes.
  • Translate design mockups into flexible HTML and CSS to be used in the completed project.
  • Maintain current skills and industry best-practices
  • Be accountable for tasks, track time, and keep team members in the loop
  • Strong oral and written communication skills with both teams and clients.

Bonus Points

  • Has a strong eye for design and a desire to create user-centered, content-driven websites.
  • Experienced in grid systems/CSS frameworks (Bootstrap is our preference)
  • Experienced in CSS pre-processing (SASS is our preference)
  • Some familiarity with javascript/jQuery 
  • An understanding of how design and front-end fits within a content management system

Experience with agile methodologies is a plus, and we like to see experience working within a team and all the technologies that entails — from development technologies like source control and continuous integration to communication technologies like Slack and Figma. Familiarity with building accessible websites is also a big plus.

Resources on the design process.

We’ve written at length, both here and beyond, on design.

Episode 19: Implement the Design (w/ Ethan Marcotte) Off-site link

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Episode 17: Plan for Hosting (w/ Elias Lundmark) Off-site link

Corey asks Deane a brutally honest question: as non-developers, why should we care about hosting at all? Then, Elias Lundmark, product manager for cloud hosting at Optimizely, joins us to talk about website hosting in common terms — cloud versus on-premises, the reality (and politics) of “five 9s,” and the things you need to understand before choosing a hosting provider or vendor offering.

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Episode 16: Select a Content Management System (w/ Cathy McKnight) Off-site link

Corey and Deane talk about a Donald Rumsfeld quote, and about the concept of “unknown unknowns.” Then, Cathy McKnight, Chief Problem Solver and lead analyst for The Content Advisory, joins us to talk about selecting a content management system — the process for choosing a system, how a CMS selection analyst can help keep vendors honest, and what to do if you’re selecting on your own.

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