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Optimizely Release Notes — July/August 2022

The following release notes highlight major or interesting changes in Optimizely's products in July and August 2022.


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Every few months, Blend reviews Optimizely’s release notes to better understand how changes will affect existing and future projects. The following release notes highlight major or interesting changes in Optimizely’s products. For the full list of releases, visit Optimizely’s Release Notes.

For more information on how these changes might affect your project, or to reach out to Blend Interactive’s Gold-level development team, contact us today!

UI updates to main CMS.

As content management systems grow and adjust, there are always changes that crop up around the user interface and help text — and Optimizely is no different. This past set of releases includes several updates to improve the overall editor-friendliness of the CMS itself:

  • Help text has been improved — now, a clickable help icon is displayed next to any property with help text, which helps provide information for editors. (CMS-22478)
  • Location of labels has been moved to above components in edit mode. (CMS-20362)
  • A message was added for change approvals in Set Access Rights, providing a confirmation that changes were sent for approval. (CMS-23550)
  • To increase readability and improve usability of text, property widths have been tidied up in the main content area. (CMS-20349)
  • A help link — which displays the user guide — has been updated to the new user guide version (CMS-22103)

Search and form upgrades to .NET 6.

Optimizely continues to make the shift to .NET 6, with upgrades to both search and forms. The following were upgraded:

Additional updates.

Every two months, several dozen updates and features are dropped. In addition to the .NET 6 upgrades and UI updates, the following stood out to our team:

Enabling users to access Welcome DAM

Developers who integrate Welcome’s picker with Content Cloud (and implement a button to access Welcome’s DAM) are now able to unlock Welcome’s DAM Library Picker, allowing editors to browse a Welcome asset collection.

(CMS-23534) — Product: Episerver CMS UI v 12.9.0

Improvements in performance for cart, order, and subscription search

Simply put — performance improvements were made within Commerce, specifically for searching carts, orders, or subscriptions. 

(COM-15712) — Product: Episerver Commerce v 14.5.0

Content Definitions API now includes media-specific metadata

Media-specific metadata was added through the Content Type API and through the Content Type section in the Manifest API.

(HAPI-1942) — Product: Episerver Content Delivery API v 3.5.0

Additional features and bug fixes.

There are always bug fixes and minor functionality changes. Rather than list the rest, feel free to visit the release notes page and filter by date.


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