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Optimizely Release Notes — February / March 2021

The following release notes highlight major or interesting changes in Optimizely’s products in February and March 2021.


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We took a break for a month, so we have a super-sized update for February and March. Let’s take a look back at what the last two months have brought in Episerver updates.

Each month, Blend reviews Episerver’s release notes in order to better understand how changes in Episerver will affect existing and future projects. The following release notes highlight major or interesting changes in Episerver’s products. For the full list of releases, visit Episerver’s Release Notes.

For more information on how these changes might affect your project, or to reach out to Blend Interactive’s Gold-level development team, contact us today!

Side panes active when editing block inline.

A big deal block-forward sites, editors can finally keep those side panels open when quick-editing a block. This allows editors to drag and drop pages and assets into properties within quick-edit.

(CMS-18259) — Product: Episerver Commerce v 13.29.0

User interface and filter updates in Profiles.

Three UI features and one filtering feature have been added to Episerver Profile:

Time and count metrics for filter definitions.

Marketers can now set the time or/and count metrics when creating a segment based on event filter definitions, and reuse the same filter definition in combination with the time period and the number of event occurrences.

(PROF-7847) — Product: Episerver Profiles v 1.24.0

Out of the box filter definitions for Commerce.

A default set of filter definitions are now included out of the box in Visitor Intelligence. Marketers can create segments based on Commerce events and profiles without asking developers to create their own filter definitions.

(PROF-7781) — Product: Episerver Profiles v 1.24.0

Display UI warning when the time and occurrence metric may be incompatible with a specific filter definition.

An indication/warning is now displayed in the user interface when a metric is not applicable with the selected filter definition.

(PROF-7904) — Product: Episerver Profiles v 1.24.0

Hide shared filter definitions that depend on Commerce events in the UI on CMS site.

Only shared filter definitions compatible with currently installed products are displayed.

(PROF-7988) — Product: Episerver Profiles v 1.24.0

Public .Net API for sending requests to queue endpoint.

Opt-in functionality has been added to allow use of the new Asynchronous Queues, providing higher indexing and tracking throughput.

(FIND-8128) — Product: Episerver Find v 13.4.0

EpiCloud: Allow deployments directly to web app without a slot swap.

Developers can now deploy directly to the "live-slot" of a integration web app to speed up deployments through the deployment API. This means there is no need to perform a slot swap/full warmup.

(PAAS-13107) — Product: Episerver PaaS EpiCloud v 0.13.15

Implementation of TokenEx to process payment.

An update that allows for payments to be processed via TokenEx in Commerce’s Order Management. This allows a customer service representative to select as payment method, using TokenEx t0 protect sensitive payment information when processing the payment.

(COM-12006) — Product: Episerver Commerce v 13.29.0

Episerver Forms: ReCaptcha upgraded from v2 to v3.

ReCaptcha has been upgraded from v2 to v3.

(AFORM-2591) — Product: Episerver Forms v 3.7.0

Compatibility with Block Enhancement Labs.

An update to Content Manager Labs to allow for compatibility with Block Enhancement Labs, as well as compatibility with newer CMS user interfaces (11.32.0 and newer).

(CMS-16979) — Product: Episerver Content Manager v 0.5.0

Additional bug fixes.

A handful of bug fixes also went through over the past two months. Rather than list them all, feel free to visit the release notes page and filter by date.


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