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Optimizely Release Notes — April / May 2021

The following release notes highlight major or interesting changes in Optimizely's products in April and May 2021.


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So what’s been happening over the past two months? Let’s take a look back at what’s been added for Optimizely + Episerver features and updates.

Every two months, Blend reviews Optimizely + Episerver’s release notes in order to better understand how changes in Optimizely + Episerver will affect existing and future projects. The following release notes highlight major or interesting changes in Optimizely + Episerver’s products. For the full list of releases, visit Optimizely + Episerver’s Release Notes.

For more information on how these changes might affect your project, or to reach out to Blend Interactive’s Gold-level development team, contact us today!

Content management API (CMA) addition.

The Content Management API (CMA) adds RESTful endpoints for managing content objects, useful for pushing external content to the content management system. CMA shares formats with the Content Delivery API (CDA), but has access to unpublished content using common drafts.

Capabilities of the CMA include:

  • Create new object using POST
  • Update specific properties using PATCH
  • Upsert entire object using PUT
  • Get unpublished common draft
  • Publish object
  • Move object
  • Trash or Delete object

(HAPI-1424) — Product: Episerver Content Management API v 2.20.0

Hide preview options for content without a view.

For items that have no view, the CMS will hide features that cannot be used within the user interface, such as:

  • Preview button
  • On-page compare mode
  • View settings: "Select to view as a visitor group" and "Select to view in a channel or resolution".

(CMS-17745) — Product: Episerver CMS v 11.35.0

Recording order activities.

A new feature that allows order managers and customer service representatives to track the history of a specific order for audit and analysis purpose. A range of events related to order/shipment status update, payment and promotion of an order will be automatically recorded.

(COM-12806) — Product: Episerver Commerce v 13.31.0

Filter definitions provided out of box in Visitor Intelligence.

A default set of filter definitions are now included out of the box in Visitor Intelligence. Marketers can create segments based on Commerce events and profiles without asking developers to create their own filter definitions.

(PROF-7781) — Product: Episerver Profiles Client v 1.24.0

Addition of fields to Silverpop Connector for fetching databases and lists.

Fields were added to the Silverpop Connector setting screen:

  • Include all lists. Enable to include all contact lists.
  • Note: If enabled, Database Folder Id does not appear. If disabled, and no Database Folder Id is specified, lists are obtained from the top-level folders only, and not any subfolders.
  • Database folder ID. If specified, lists are obtained from this folder only.

(MAI-1878) — Product: Episerver Marketing Automation (Silverpop) v 4.4.0

CMS bug fixes.

The following bug fixes were applied to the general CMS product:

  • CMS-17396 - Error script when adding data on tinyMCE
  • CMS-18473 - Login redirects are cacheable
  • CMS-18476 - Content URL cache does not invalidate cache remotely
  • CMS-18735 - Versions gadget: Displays many primary published versions after publishing from Quick Edit
  • CMS-18684 - Page name is not applied to translated page
  • CMS-19005 - Site hangs because of thread deadlock
  • CMS-18492 - Edit/Media: Cannot search media file in the Media gadget
  • CMS-18706 - CMS-18021 didn't completely fix the menu
  • CMS-18649 - TinyMCE on-page editing rendering problem in Web Forms
  • CMS-16633 - Issue related to Alt tag in TinyMCE
  • CMS-19056 - Menu should handle queryString parameters

Additional bug fixes.

A handful of bug fixes also went through over the past two months. Rather than list them all, feel free to visit the release notes page and filter by date.


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