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Episerver Release Notes — October 2020

The following release notes highlight major or interesting changes in Episerver’s products in October 2020.


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Each month, Blend reviews Episerver’s release notes in order to better understand how changes in Episerver will affect existing and future projects. The following release notes highlight major or interesting changes in Episerver’s products. For the full list of releases, visit Episerver’s Release Notes.

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Remove v3 APIs.

All APIs that were originally slated for release in version 3 of the Content Delivery API were instead folded into version 2 in order to make code and QA more simple.

(HAPI-684) — Product: Content Delivery API v 2.17.0

Support extensibility for CSR app.

Episerver has given developers a place in Episerver Commerce to insert their own components in the order management module.

(COM-11747) — Product: Episerver Commerce v 13.26.0

Episerver Commerce updates.

Several issues were updated this month in regards to Episerver Commerce, including:

Remove Beta in some APIs.

A few APIs (specifically, the check for EPiBetaUsers role for the EPiReportController and the IOrderSerachService) have been taken out of Beta status.

(COM-12053) — Product: Episerver Commerce v 13.26.0

Google Payment method cannot work with Commerce 13.22.0 in Azure.

An issue with third party Google Payment has been resolved.

(COM-12083) — Product: Episerver Commerce v 13.25.0

Optimize promotion engine for discount evaluation.

Performance within the promotion engine has been optimized.

(COM-11703) — Product: Episerver Commerce v 13.25.0

Including product link in Product search.

An issue in which the product link was not included on a product search result was updated to make product search more user friendly.

(COM-11929) — Product: Episerver Commerce v 13.25.0

Episerver Core Functionality Performance Updates.

Several updates include performance boosts to core Episerver functionality, including:

IPermanentLinkMapper should support batch resolving.

(CMS-16119) — Product: Episerver Core v 11.20.0

Cache result of ContentReference.ToString.

(CMS-16353) — Product: Episerver Core v 11.20.0

Improve XhtmlString/ContentArea memory usage.

(CMS-16332) — Product: Episerver Core v 11.20.0

Profile phone numbers validation is not required.

An issue in which validation was too strict was updated, allowing all valid phone numbers to be recognized.

(PROF-7412) — Product: Episerver Profiles v 1.21.0

Change order of Content Type properties in admin mode throws error.

A bug that threw an error when the order of content type properties was adjusted in admin mode has been resolved.

(CMS-16389) — Product: Episerver Core v 11.20.0

Episerver marketing integrations.

Episerver has pushed several bug fixes and improvements to existing third-party integrations, including:

Hubspot: Add Content-type header to the requests made to endpoint.

(MAI-1846) — Product: Marketing Automation Integration: Hubspot v 4.1.1

Exact Target: Add authentication for S10 and other instances.

(MAI-1843) — Product: Marketing Automation Integration: ExactTarget v 4.2.0

Eloqua: When Account Name is a separate contact field, datasources are not displayed.

(MAI-1851) — Product: Marketing Automation Integration: Eloqua v 4.1.2

Get URL to page with "Shortcut to another content item."

Some issues around resolving shortcuts to the correct page have been addressed and fixed.

(CMS-14788) — Product: Episerver Core v 11.20.1


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