Episerver Release Notes — November 2020

The following release notes highlight major or interesting changes in Episerver’s products in November 2020.

  • Bob Davidson
  • Dec. 07 2020

Each month, Blend reviews Episerver’s release notes in order to better understand how changes in Episerver will affect existing and future projects. The following release notes highlight major or interesting changes in Episerver’s products. For the full list of releases, visit Episerver’s Release Notes.

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Improvements to Episerver Profiles

The biggest set of releases this month are tied to Episerver Profiles. Profiles are used for storing aggregated data from visitor interactions, and are viewable through Episerver’s Visitor Intelligence feature.

Product name updated (Insight to Visitor Intelligence)

In fact, the first update is tied to the very identity of Visitor Intelligence, formerly known as “Insight.” The name has officially been changed.

(PROF-7507) — Product: Profiles v 1.22.0

Improvements when deleting profiles

Beyond the name change, profiles would persist — they could not be reliably deleted — and this fix has updated Profiles so that you can both delete a profile (and all related events) and also create new profiles and track events based on the same devices.

(PROF-7090) — Product: Profiles v 1.22.0

Improvements when deleting events by TrackId

Same as the improvement on deleting profiles, but tied to the specific TrackID.

(PROF-7089) — Product: Profiles v 1.22.0

[InsightUI][Segment] Display 500 error when Preview Profile filter definition with quote and curly bracket

This was a bug fix tied to a previous version of Profiles.

(PROF-6932) — Product: Profiles v 1.23.0

Marketing connectors: Error occurred when duplicate fields were present on visitor group fields.

Previously, when someone configured a visitor group, an error occurred if duplicate field names were present in the marketing provider. This has been fixed.

(MAI-1852) — Product: Marketing Automation v 5.6.2

Custom registrations through ContentDataInterceptorHandler is not detected

A recent performance update provided a fallback for some older property interceptors, but a few of the possible options were missed. This closes the gap on one of those options.

(CMS-17430) — Product: Episerver Core v 11.20.2

CatalogEventIndexer.IndexContentInAllLanguages is slow

This is a performance improvement.

(COM-11513) — Product: Find Commerce v 11.2.0

FindCommerce should allow temporarily disabled event indexing

A fix that provides more fine-grain control over indexing, allowing for temporary (and dynamic) disabling of event indexing.

(COM-9720) — Product: Find Commerce v 11.2.0