A Forklift Toward a New System

Moving a site from Ektron to Episerver while still maintaining clarity and consistency.

When Ektron — a .NET content management system — was purchased by Episerver, several organizations required a unique set of development skills: namely, a firm that could both understand and migrate their Ektron-bound content into a new Episerver install.

This meant Blend, with our experience developing in both content management systems, was perfectly suited to help Mercury Systems migrate from their older Ektron site to their new Episerver site. In doing so, we were also able to infuse the Episerver site with the kind of efficiencies we’ve been implementing at a site build level for nearly a decade.

In the end, we were able to sunset the original Ektron site and bring every part of the current Mercury System site live on Episerver — both improving their efficiency and implementing a more simple content model in the process.

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