Understanding Every Element and How It Fits Together

A design audit helped us better understand the scope of the existing site, which in turn helped us make better decisions.


  • Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago


When Lurie Children’s came to us to help them implement their existing design onto a new Episerver install, our first steps were to dive deep and understand the level of complexity within their current design. We called it a “design audit,” but in reality it was a CMS comparability audit — how much can we re-use within the current site, and how much would we need to adjust and update?

This ""design audit"" was done with a mind toward understanding the different elements we would need to integrate into the Episerver content model, but it also allowed us a way to facilitate consolidation of one-off design elements and provide a level of consistency across the site. It has become a crucial part of our standard project handoff, especially when We’re implementing design from a partner or client.

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