Tackling addiction and overcoming taboo through community sites, new products, and bold design.

What we did
  • Discovery and Strategy
  • Responsive and Mobile-First Design
  • Custom eZ Systems Integration
  • Community Site Templating and Affiliate Training
  • Ongoing Support
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Overcoming Taboo and Facing Disease Together

Addiction isn’t just a social taboo — it’s a chronic disease. Face It TOGETHER — part research think tank, part clearinghouse, part community spark plug — hopes to harness the passion of social entrepreneurship and the force of the private sector to help overcome both the taboos and the disease.

Face It TOGETHER uses the same methods that healthcare providers use to track and manage chronic disease — advanced data, community education, and organizational change — to change the way we treat (and think about) drug and alcohol addiction. Their targets aren’t just those suffering from addiction, but the health systems, insurance companies, and businesses who help fight the battle.

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To do this, they must reach out into communities and provide resources and research — both in the sphere of workplace initiatives and employee health and in improved addiction care backed by real-life measurement.

From Sioux Falls to Beyond

Face It TOGETHER worked with Blend to develop a two-pronged approach toward developing their image and brand on the web.

First, we helped develop Face It TOGETHER’s main corporate site, organizing a mix of research and action items to provide a clear (and easily navigable) content-driven site. The final result is a clean site that explains what — and who — Face It TOGETHER is.

But the corporate center is only one part of what is poised to become a nationwide system of addiction recovery research and support. Face It TOGETHER also branches into communities through an affiliate system, which creates a local influence in cities like Cambridge, Mass., and Fargo, N.D.

With this in mind, Face It TOGETHER asked us to help set up a community-based site template, based on the branding and content of the original corporate site, that can be used for each affiliate, putting the power of site creation into the hands of the organization itself. Now, Face It TOGETHER can flip a switch and have a community branch up and running on their own.

Because the brand is new, and because affiliates are small, it was important for us to make affiliate sites easy to update and closely tied to the parent brand — making everyone’s job a lot easier.

Face It TOGETHER affiliate pages

Face It TOGETHER affiliate pages, created for easy updates, customizability, and locality while still representing the Face It TOGETHER brand.

Expansion and the Future

The future of Face It TOGETHER — and our partnership — looks bright, with plans to help with strategy and branding on upcoming healthcare-focused product lines, such as the AXIS digital platform and the Recovery Capital Index, and maintenance of future affiliate sites.

As Face It TOGETHER grows and evolves into future health-focused recovery initiatives, Blend can say with honesty that we are honored to help them out a bit along the way.

“I think of Blend as a web dream team —

they bring an ideal combination of strategic thinking, creative problem-solving and stellar design to every project. On top of that, they’re serious about client service, getting our work done on time and on budget, and being super responsive throughout the process.”

Erika Batcheller,
Director of Communications