Accessibility and Videos: The Video Page Type

Providing an accessible model for viewing, understanding, and indexing videos for search.


  • Brookings Health System


Brookings Health System has always been focused on the benefits of accessible facilities — after all, a health system is designed to help people of all abilities. But it’s not just buildings that need to be outfitted with accessible entrances and technology — websites also must provide alternate access for those who cannot see or hear the content using traditional means.

One example where this accessibility came into play is the “video” content type, which allows editors to actually attach a video transcript as readable content on the video page itself. This leads to a fully searchable video page that includes a full-width embed of the video, as well as a full transcript.

The result is more than just a video made accessible for those who can’t hear — it’s also better for those who simply prefer to read instead of watch a video, and it’s a boon to the amount of content that’s available for search engines to crawl. Once again, creating a more inclusive site leads to great things beyond the obvious.

Project Results:

  • Site launch with accessibility testing scores at 100.
  • Videos provided with multiple avenues for content consumption for a spectrum of abilities.
  • Improved page speed as a result of accessibility compliance.

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