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Umbraco Release Notes — January / February 2022

The following release notes highlight major or interesting changes in Umbraco's products in January and February 2022.


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Version 8 of Umbraco’s core CMS is finally moving into the support phase of life, which means we’re moving forward with version 9 - full steam ahead! It’s time to look back on what the last minor version of 8 provides, and what’s been added to version 9.

Every few months, Blend reviews Umbraco’s release notes to better understand how changes will affect existing and future projects. The following release notes highlight major or interesting changes in Umbraco’s products. For the full list of releases, visit Umbraco’s Releases page.

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Updates to the latest version: 9.3.1.

Updates within the most recent version were focused mostly on issues arising from migration from version 8 to version 9:

  • #12020 - Fix issue with migration from 8 and added support for 8.18 migration.
  • #11980 - Upgrading from v8 to v9 (DB Content Migration) broke on 9.2.0.
  • #11976 - Problems Migrating Database from 8.17.2 to 9.3.0.

Additionally, a few bugs were squashed around how JSON is stored (#11989 - App_Plugin property editor using JSON valueType now wraps text field values in quotes) and how media paths are updated with a UNC format (#11982 - Fix media paths with UNC format).

Previous versions released.


Released February 10, 2022. This version heavily focused on improvements to member authentication, and introduced the following features:

  • Improved OAuth support, allowing for integration of external login providers for Members.
  • Two-factor authentication for Members, allowing for increased security.
  • Auto-linking of Member Accounts, which takes the functionality found with Users and includes it with Members.

Beyond authentication, this release allows users to set a custom path for storing media, and even reintroduces the Umbraco logo to the backoffice login!

Read the full 9.3 release post from Umbraco.


Released January 6, 2022. This version introduced the following features:

  • Package telemetry, which allows for the collection of anonymized data for package usage within Umbraco.
  • The ability to use Markdown within individual property descriptions, as well as the ability to provide “expanded” descriptions accessible only when needed.
  • A UI update that reassigns member properties to the content tab, better highlighting the need to have these filled out.

Read the full 9.2 release post from Umbraco.

Version 8 (v8.18.0) updates.

As of this release, Umbraco version 8 is moving into a long-term support phase. This means, while there will still continue to be security updates and patches, there are no plans for additional minor releases — essentially, there will not be a Umbraco v8.19. All new features will be released only to version 9.

For those still using version 8, a final selection of version 9’s new functions have been included in v8.18.0:

  • Package telemetry is also included for version 8.
  • Member properties have been moved to the content tab in version 8.
  • Health checks added to version 9 have also been added to version 8.

Additionally, a version history cleanup feature provides a smarter way to handle the multiple versions of a single content item, helping provide a more efficiently queried database and a smaller database footprint. This was first released in version 9.1, but is just now reaching version 8.

Read the full release candidate blog post for more.

Additional release updates.

A handful of bug fixes and updates to breaking changes also went through over the past two months. Rather than list them all, check out your version (and any new versions) on Umbraco’s Releases page.


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