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Umbraco Release Notes — March / April 2022

The following release notes highlight major or interesting changes in Umbraco's products in March and April 2022.


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Every few months, Blend reviews Umbraco’s release notes to better understand how changes will affect existing and future projects. The following release notes highlight major or interesting changes in Umbraco’s products. For the full list of releases, visit Umbraco’s Releases page.

For more information on how these changes might affect your project, or to reach out to Blend Interactive’s Gold-level development team, contact us today!

Updates to the latest version: 9.4.3.

Early in March, Umbraco released version 9.4. Since then, it has been updated to the current version: 9.4.3.


Released April 6, 2022. This version fixed a NuCache bug due to duplicate doc type properties being stored in NuCache.

Read the full 9.4.3 release notes from Umbraco.


Released April 5, 2022. Another quick release to squash some bugs: specifically, a 404 that was given when asking to restrict public access, and some troublesome SQL Timeouts.:

Read the full 9.4.2 release notes from Umbraco.


Released March 24, 2022. This version went up to fix a breaking change in 9.4, and has replaced 9.4..

Read the full 9.4.1 release notes from Umbraco.


Released March 24, 2022. This version is a semi-major update, and it introduced the following features:

  • Improvements to Item Tracking — Extends the warnings given when deleting an in-use media item or data type to also work for content items, allowing users to see what dependencies will be affected by deleting a page or block.
  • Dictionary Items supported by Content App — A Content App can now be enabled within Dictionary items.
  • Improvements to overall user experience — From searching for blocks to updates to custom backoffice overlays, several UX and quality-of-life updates have been included.
  • An update to dependencies — A handful of dependencies were also updated to make the new version work.

Read the full 9.4 release post from Umbraco.

Version 8 (v8.18.3) updates.

As a reminder, Umbraco version 8 is moving into a long-term support phase, so updates are focused on security and stability, rather than new feature updates. Since our last post (when Umbraco Version 8 was on 8.18.0) Umbraco Version 8 is now on 8.18.3.

Check out the last three releases (8.18.3, 8.18.2, 8.18.1) from Umbraco.

Additional release updates.

A handful of bug fixes and updates to breaking changes also went through over the past two months. Rather than list them all, check out your version (and any new versions) on Umbraco’s Releases page.


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