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There Should Be No “Season of Giving”

During the holidays, there’s a heightened awareness around philanthropic activities, and many use it as a time to focus on others less fortunate. At Blend, we believe the "season of giving" shouldn't be a season at all.


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'Tis the "Season of Giving." Traditionally, around this time of year, there’s a heightened awareness around philanthropic activities, and many use it as a time to focus on others less fortunate.

But that's pretty unfortunate.

The holidays often amplify issues for those in need — from those who are unable to put a holiday meal on the table, to organizations struggling to collect donations and maintain operations. Unfortunately, these aren’t holiday issues — these hardships are ongoing.

At Blend, we believe the season of giving shouldn't be a season at all.

Throughout the year, Blend donates time, talents, and funds to organizations that align with our values. As Blend's owners, Joe and I have selected organizations to support as a company: Joe fell in love with the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf (CCSF) while doing mission work through the Dispatch Project, while I tend to support organizations encouraging girls and women to pursue STEM careers, namely Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons and DSU's CybHER Security Institute.

It’s not just about the company, though. We also donate to causes that reflect the values of our team. Year after year, instead of buying staff birthday gifts or treats, each Blend employee selects an organization that means something to them. You'll find a sampling of these organizations below.

It's all a way for us to make a more significant impact in our community and on those causes near and dear to the people who work at Blend, and it sure makes me proud to know how many people we've helped in the past and how many we'll be able to assist in the future.

With all of this, we still continue to champion #GivingTuesday. This year, Blend is honored to partner with DSU's CybHER® Security Institute. The mission of CybHER is to empower, motivate, educate, and change the perception of girls and women in cybersecurity by providing resources for girls from middle school to collegiate programs and into professional careers.

Although the season of giving lasts throughout the year, we know what an impact this single day of focused giving can have on this organization. We hope you will consider joining us to donate to this incredible cause today and throughout the year.

⁠If you're looking for other ideas to donate to this Giving Tuesday, we can help! Here are some of the organizations that we've supported this year that are near and dear to our hearts at Blend:

We hope that your season of giving lasts throughout the year. Lead by example. We sure hope we are!