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Optimizely Release Notes — July-August 2023

The following release notes highlight major or interesting changes in Optimizely's products from July and August 2023.



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Blend reviews Optimizely’s release notes every few months to better understand how changes will affect existing and future projects. Here are the major new releases over the last two months.

For the full list of releases, visit Optimizely’s Release Notes. And for more information on how these changes might affect your project, or to reach out to Blend Interactive’s Gold-level development team, contact us today!

Support for Optimizely Identity.

Support has been added for Optimizely Identity, which provides a single point of login where you can switch among your Optimizely products with just one authentication using Okta, Azure AD, or a local login. You also can manage your users in a centralized location. From their introduction in the Support Help Center, this experience gives you:

  • Centralized login with single-sign on (SSO) with support for multi-factor authentication (MFA) [available by General Availability] using your own MFA setup and Active Directory authentication provider 
  • Application switching capabilities without re-authenticating
  • Administer Opti ID with users, groups, and roles
  • Account and user dashboard with usage and billing, feature-based trials, and self-service reporting 

(CMS-28466) — Product: Episerver Optimizely Identity v 1.0.0)

Delete versioning.

While not directly related, there were two new functions around deleting and versioning this round.

Delete content version is tracked by ActivityTracker

ActivityTracker now also tracks delete a content version, in addition to tracking delete a whole content or delete a content language. Delete a content version should be tracked as well.

(CMS-28274) — Product: Episerver CMS v 12.16.0)

Delete versions shown in Changelog.

The changelog lets you search and filter by the Content category  and the Delete Version action.

(CMS-28931) — Product: Episerver CMS UI v 12.22.2)

CMS and integration updates.

Additions and notes from the standard CMS product.

  • Remember last article’s discussion around inline blocks? Now you can opt-out of having them available within the rich-text editor. (CMS-28930) — Product: Episerver CMS v 12.22.2
  • The user interface has been improved for Google Analytics. (GA-433) — Product: Episerver Google Analytics 4.1.0
  • When an item in a ContentRefererence list property references an non-existing content item through a GUID (such as during a batch save when content is not in order) then the ContentReference is presented in list as an instance of UnresolvedContentReference. (CMS-28191) — Product: Episerver CMS Core 12.16.0
  • Display messages (AFORM-3044) and Form Submissions Cleanup performance (AFORM-3386) have been fixed. — Product: Episerver Forms 4.30.10

Additional features and bug fixes.

There are always bug fixes and minor functionality changes. Rather than list the rest, please visit the release notes page and filter by date.



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