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Introducing: The Web Project Guide Podcast

We’re excited to announce The Web Project Guide podcast: a guide to understanding the web project process.



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The Web Project Guide was written to provide quick context to a web project — to help those who aren’t deeply entrenched in the world of web design and development understand the steps it takes to make a website come to life. We’re excited to extend the guide to a new medium: The Web Project Guide podcast is officially ready for launch.

The Web Project Guide podcast is an extension of The Web Project Guide — it will explore, chapter-by-chapter, the different phases of a web project, from discovery and research to launch and beyond. Each month, authors Corey Vilhauer and Deane Barker will pull a topic from a chapter and discuss it with a guest from within that field.

In the first episode of The Web Project Guide, Corey and Deane discuss the opening beats of a project: what motivates a new project (the “initial spark”), the risks of onboarding stakeholders too late in the initial phases, and where the term “yak shaving” comes from. Then, they chat with Bill DeRouchey, former lead product designer for Zendesk, to discuss his history with vetting and researching a new project during the opening salvo, territorialism, and Mike Watt.

The first episode — "Know the Scope of the Project" — is live right now, with future episodes dropping every month around the third week of the month. Subscribe today with Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or whatever podcatcher you use.