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What Makes a Great Team — Karla Santi featured on Culture is Currency

Culture at Blend plays a big part in the success of our business. It reflects who we are as a company, how we value each other, and the trust that comes with being a part of something bigger than ourselves. CEO Karla Santi shares what makes a great team in her recent feature on Culture is Currency.



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What makes a great team? How do you promote trust and growth in an always changing industry?

Company culture continues to be a major touchpoint in why future employees choose a business, and Think 3D — a consultancy focused on helping business leaders build and sustain high performing cultures — reached out to Blend’s Chief Executive Officer Karla Santi to discuss how Blend is built on a foundation of openness and growth.

The interview, which is part of a new series (Culture is Currency) designed to feature community leaders sharing their stories of growth and building culture, focuses on how Karla helped build an environment of trust at Blend Interactive, and how that trust helps build both a great team and keeps us honest about what we know and learn.

“If you get the right people working for you, success happens,” Santi says in regards to team building and culture. “It just does, because everyone is passionate about the same thing.”

(And, as an added easter egg, you can see a recent snowstorm by looking in the background!)

You can view the video below.