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Blend's Work Hard, Play Hard Challenge

Summer’s here, and to promote healthy choices within our company this season, we’ve implemented a Work Hard. Play Hard. challenge. And if that wasn’t reason enough, we’re headed to Mexico!


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This fall we’ll be wheels up and on our way to celebrate a milestone, Blend’s 15th anniversary (postponed from 2020). So, in preparation for the heat and soft, sandy beaches, we thought we’d kick it in gear over the warmer months with some friendly competition.

Be Well at Blend logoSo how does it work? Fair and square, we drew names to determine teams. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the four teams of five will earn points by completing different activities in the following categories: fitness, healthy eating, and wellness.

From making health and wellness a priority, to offering morning yoga on Blend's downtown rooftop, this challenge has a little something for everyone. At the end of each week this summer, the top three teams who accumulated the most points for that week earn points in the summer challenge. After Labor Day, the point totals will be tallied and the top three teams will reap the rewards for our upcoming trip. We'll be doling out some serious cash to spend on spa treatments, private dinners on the beach, off-resort excursions, or add-on experiences like a Mezcal tasting, a culinary theatre, or horseback riding.

Challenge aside, incorporating ways to spike motivation and promote collaboration at a time when the once traditional work experience is evolving, keeps our team collaboration alive and the company culture intact. As we prepare to celebrate our now 16 years in business together in Mexico in the fall, we’re grateful for these fun opportunities and time we’re able to work and play together as a team this summer.

Since many of you have asked about the logistics of the challenge itself, we've included a summary of activities below. If you want to play along, you can download this Weekly Tracker to participate. Although we're sorry to say you won't win a trip to Mexico, it would still be fun to have you play along. :)

Work Hard. Play Hard. Be Well @ Blend.



Fresh Exercise - 25 Points
Summer sport, anyone? Go play tennis, kayak, SUP, volleyball, or frisbee golf. Or, golf 9+ holes without a cart. Get outside and get moving.

Park and Walk - 25 Points
Park farther away from the entrance of all places you drive

Stand Strong - 25 Points
Stand for at least 2 hours a day while working

Run It Out - 50 points
Run/jog for a total of 60 minutes this week

Walk It Out - 50 Points
Walk for a total of 120 minutes this week

Spin Cycle - 50 Points
Bike for 180+ minutes this week in spin class or on your real bike

Keep it Classy - 75 Points
Complete 4+ 30 minute workouts per week, or 3+ Fresh Exercise

5K Race Finisher - 100 Points
Run a 5K for a fundraiser or organization of your choice



No Spoonful of Sugar - 25 Points
No sugary foods or beverages 3+ days this week

Fast Pass - 25 Points
No fast food meals this week

Stop the Pop - 25 Points
No soda or juice 5+ days this week (includes diet or regular soda)

Stop the Buzz - 50 points
No more than one alcoholic beverage a day

White Out - 50 Points
Cut out processed foods for at least one meal each day

Home Slice - 50 Points
Cook a home-cooked healthy meal and share a photo in #be-well

Farm to Table - 75 Points
Shop and support your local farmer's market or CSA

Go for H2O - 100 Points
Drink 64 oz of water each day



Attitude of Gratitude - 25 Points
Write down three things for which you are grateful every day

Breathe In Breathe Out - 25 Points
Take 3 minutes a day to practice a deep breathing technique

Floss Like a Boss - 25 Points
Floss every day

Kindness Counts - 50 points
Do an act of kindness each day this week

Sweet Dreams - 50 Points
Get 7-8 hours of sleep every day

Early 30 - 50 Points
Wake up 30 minutes earlier than normal and do something productive

Bookworm - 75 Points
Read 5 chapters in a book this week

Rising Dakotah - 100 Points
Attend morning yoga class on the roof with Dakotah Yoga


2021 Work Hard Play Hard Weekly Tracker (pdf)

Follow along with Blend's 2021 Work Hard Play Hard Weekly Tracker

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