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What is Content Integration?

Making an attempt to invent a definition for a large chunk of what we do each day at Blend: content integration.



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Chief Strategy Officer Deane Barker makes his attempt to invite a definition for a large chunk of what we do each day at Blend: content integration.

From his Gadgetopia post, “What is Content Integration?’

Content Integration encompasses the philosophy, theories, practices, and tools around the re-use and adaption of content from our core repository into other uses and channels, or vice-versa: the creation and ingestion of content from other channels into our core repository.

Traditionally, we create content and store it in a repository. In many cases, this repository is also a delivery channel. A web content management system (WCMS) is the perfect example – we create the content in the WCMS, store it there, and deliver it from there. In many cases, our content stays entirely locked within the bounds of our WCMS. The entire lifecycle of that content—creation, management, delivery, archival, and deletion—happens inside of that system. Content Integration would be the process by which we connect to content in that repository and use it in some other way.

Content Integration occurs every time we connect a content-based system to the “outside world” to take in or push out content to other systems to allow for creation or consumption by other means.

For more, check out Deane’s blog: Gadgetopia.

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Deane Barker is co-author of The Web Project Guide, and co-host of The Web Project Guide Podcast.

Deane was a founder of Blend Interactive, and this article was written during his time at Blend. However, if you're looking for more from Deane, check out his personal site.