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The Need for Content Operations

We implement content management as a practice, and we've seen two patterns over and over again: organizations are either not prepared to use, or not fully using, the CMS.



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We implement content management as a practice. But we often see two patterns over and over again: organizations are not prepared to launch a new content management system, or they are not fully optimizing the content management systems they have had implemented.

At Gadgetopia, Deane writes about “The Need for Content Operations,” and what that practice might look like from either a consultant or in-house:

From his post:

As an organizational exercise, we put together a detailed description of this practice...(with) over a dozen sub-practices and example scenarios for how we think this would work.

Understand that in no way do we think we’re breaking any new ground here. But I think a lot of implementation shops handle this stuff on a case-by-case basis — they suffer through migration work and other large-scale, tactical content stuff as a price of admission for doing the CMS implementation. They do it, it sucks, and then they say, “Wow, that was awful…on to the next one!”

What we’re looking to do is accept this work, build some process and tools around it, and actively pursue it both as a business model, and way to develop the competency.

For more, check out Deane’s blog: Gadgetopia.

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Deane Barker is co-author of The Web Project Guide, and co-host of The Web Project Guide Podcast.

Deane was a founder of Blend Interactive, and this article was written during his time at Blend. However, if you're looking for more from Deane, check out his personal site.