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Blend's Company Values in Practice

Passion. Progress. Advocacy. Authenticity. Integrity. These are our values — and, they’re what make Blend Interactive the place it is.



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Passion. Progress. Advocacy. Authenticity. Integrity.

These are more than words. These are our values — and, they’re the guiding principles behind each decision we make. They are visible in our proposals, on our intranet, and at our company-wide meetings.

It’s nothing new to have company-wide values. But at Blend, we walk-the-walk in our everyday relationships, responsibilities and decisions.

Walking the walk.

What exactly does that mean?

Our team.

We hire based on these values.

Each of our team members are uniquely qualified. But alongside each job candidate’s resume and skillset, we consider how closely their personal values align with Blend’s.

These values aren’t about making money or working weekends. These values are about being the kind of person who speaks up, speaks out, and does the right thing.

New business.

We go after new business based on these values.

It’s always tempting to go after opportunities to fill the sales pipeline. But we’re not just filling a pipeline — we’re bringing in meaningful work to our team.

Our sales and marketing team considers not just scope and timing, but also whether we truly believe we are the right fit for the client and their goals.

Trust us when we say that it isn't always easy to pass on an opportunity that would keep our team busy. But that’s not good for us or our clients.

Recognition & growth.

We recognize our team based on these values.

With each new quarter, we take a moment to celebrate how our values were acted upon over the previous three months. With every review, we take a moment to celebrate how each team member lived our values during projects or in meetings.

We know that these values help make every project run a little smoother with a true partnership with our clients in mind. And that’s worth celebrating.

Community & partner relationships.

We choose community and partner relationships based on these values.

We don’t just hang out with any ol’ industry partners. We believe that our partners should align with our values. The relationship needs to go both ways — we're a trusted partner for them and they've got our back, too.

And, in the community, it’s the same way. We support those who are dedicated to advocacy and honesty, align with our values, and are of importance to our company and our team.

Internal processes.

We build processes based on these values.

Within each department, we establish processes that we continue to evolve as our world and industry change.

But these processes aren’t just checklists and marching orders. They’re a reminder to keep learning — and to keep growing, advocating, and improving.

Ultimately, we put these processes in place to ensure we are delivering our best product and our best service while upholding our promise to provide the best digital solution we can for our clients.

We value our values.

We work in an industry that constantly changes and progresses. While it is difficult at times to keep up, our five core values act as a constant for our team, providing some clarity for who we want to be and how we want to show up for our clients, our industry, and our community.

Passion. Progress. Advocacy. Authenticity. Integrity.

These are more than words. This is what we value.