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Blend Introduces Summer Hours

In an effort to spread a bit of summer cheer, Blend is officially implementing Summer Hours. More sun. More fun. Shorter Friday hours.



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It shouldn't come as a surprise: Blend loves summer.

So, in an effort to spread a bit of that summer cheer, Blend is officially implementing Summer Hours, which allows employees to enjoy extended summer weekends doing whatever it is that they enjoy doing. Spending time with friends and family. Hanging at the pool. Getting that vacation started a half-day early.

What this means for you: from Memorial Day to Labor Day, the Blend office will be closed for business at 1:00 p.m. on Friday afternoons.

Blend has always placed an emphasis on trust; to make summer hours work, we allow our team to manage their own time. We are not clock-watchers, but rather trust that work will be completed, hours will be put in, and the work will be the best that we can provide.

"Hire carefully, treat employees well, compensate fairly, and give them something to do that they’re passionate about. Culture will grow naturally from that." - Blend Leadership

Balancing work and life allows the Blend team to stay passionate about what they’re doing in the office and during their free time. Summer hours directly feed into our company culture, keeping us motivated to work productively throughout the week in order to kick off the weekend half a day earlier.