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Coding with Bob: On Page Editing Meta Properties

  • Bob Davidson
  • Jun. 08 2021

While on-page editing within Optimizely + Episerver is a powerful tool, by default it continues to hide some important metadata. Blend's Director of Development Bob Davidson highlights how to programmatically surface meta properties within on-page editing in this Coding with Bob video.

Gaining Traction

  • By Karla Santi
  • Jun. 01 2021

“If you’re truly going to commit to building a great company, a strong leadership team, and getting the right people in the right seats, you must prepare for change on your leadership team.” ― Gino Wickman

Optimizely + Episerver Release Notes — April/May 2021

  • Bob Davidson
  • Jun. 01 2021

The following release notes highlight major or interesting changes in Optimizely + Episerver’s products in April and May 2021.

Digital Optimization is for Marketers

  • Taylor Lopour
  • May. 18 2021

The expectations and demands of digital marketing managers have increased dramatically. Account Success Manager Taylor Lopour talks about how digital optimization can help.

A Small Team with Big Benefits

  • Apr. 21 2021

Over the years, we have learned to adapt quickly, grow, and lean in. Blend is a group of tight-knit employees who love working and learning together. With more people and businesses implementing social distancing, web was a necessary communication channel for our clients, now more than ever.

Blend Adds Two Umbraco Certified Professionals

  • Apr. 07 2021

Blend is proud to announce two new Umbraco Certified Professionals within our midst: Chase Burandt and Joe Kepley!

Blend Reaches Full Certification in Episerver + Optimizely

  • Apr. 05 2021

Blend is excited to announce that developers John Pavek and Tyler Hecht have recently earned the honor of being our newest certified Episerver + Optimizely developers.

Episerver + Optimizely Release Notes — February/March 2021

  • Apr. 01 2021

The following release notes highlight major or interesting changes in Episerver + Optimizely’s products in February and March 2021.

One Year Later: Maximizing Skills and Resources in a Time of Crisis

  • Mar. 16 2021

The past twelve months have thrown everything we know about business and leadership into disarray. We’ve collected some thoughts from the past twelve months to help support your organization into the future.

As Episerver Changes to Optimizely, Blend Introduces its Optimization Practice

  • Feb. 12 2021

Implementing and adopting a content management system is a practice of constant measurement, experimentation, and improvement. At Blend, we recognize this — and it's why we work with vendors like Episerver, who are themselves experimenting and improving as they move forward as Optimizely.


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