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Now What? Conference 2014 Recaps

  • May. 22 2014

Here’s a run down of the articles, resources, and tweets our speakers and attendees shared.

10 Takeaways from Now What? 2014

  • Apr. 25 2014

This year’s conference took a deep-dive looking at what content is (and could be) and looked at specifics on how to create and measure the success of content.

“COPEing Mechanisms: The Peril and Promise of Create Once, Publish Everywhere” — Now What? Conference 2014

  • Deane Barker
  • Apr. 24 2014

An examination of NPR’s COPE strategy, as presented by Deane Barker at Now What? Conference 2014 on April 24, 2014

Now What? 2014 Preview

  • Apr. 22 2014

You have a website, now what?


Now What? Conference 2013 is Over

  • Apr. 23 2013

Despite a winter flurry that kept only the most distant attendees away, Now What? Conference went off without a hitch.

Introducing Now What? Conference 2013

  • Dec. 18 2012

Conference about post-launch web management, governance and content strategy to take place in April.

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