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“Web 101: Planning a Website” — Falls Foundry

  • Karla Santi, Corey Vilhauer, and Stephanie Uher
  • Sep. 09 2014

Three Blend representatives discussed what it takes to plan a website from three different angles: content, design, and development.

Three Ways You Can Create Responsive Content

  • May. 13 2014

In most marketing scenarios, the visitor is unknown to you — their session is anonymous. How, then, do you achieve “anonymous personalization”? 

Spinning Pixels into Websites: Design Thinking from Three Angles

  • Sam Otis
  • Dec. 12 2013

The design process is often shrouded in mystery. But while legends prop up the mystical “creative” and its magical design abilities, web design thrives on a much more grounded approach.

An Introduction to Mobile First Design

  • Ryan Velgersdyk
  • Jun. 21 2013

People should always have access to all content on all devices, all the time. The trick is showing that content in an intuitive and user-friendly way. This is the story of how Iterate was born using mobile first design.

Blend Wins the Trifecta for Texas Christian University

  • Mar. 20 2013

Blend Interactive honored at South Dakota Advertising Federation ADDY Awards.

“Designing for the Responsive Web” — AIGA Open Mouse Night

  • Sam Otis
  • Dec. 06 2012

At this months AIGA South Dakota’s Open Mouse Night, lead designer Sam Otis presented on Designing for the Responsive Web.

Blend Beta Tests Stanford d-school Design Thinking Workshop

  • Dec. 02 2011

Methodology of discovery and prototyping similar to user experience process. 

The Story of the Web 2.0 Summit Map

  • Oct. 24 2011

From the mind of a conference organizer and industry legend, to a six-digit engagement number and a few comments from some guy named Zuckerberg. This is the story of the Web 2.0 Summit Map.

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