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No CMS Is a (SEO) Magic Bullet: A Quick Guide on SEO Within the CMS

  • Corey Vilhauer
  • Oct. 27 2021

When a stakeholder says "Wordpress is better for SEO," how do you convince them it's simply not true? We tackle the CMS-agnostic nature of search engine optimization.

Digital Optimization is for Marketers

  • Taylor Lopour
  • May. 18 2021

The expectations and demands of digital marketing managers have increased dramatically. Account Success Manager Taylor Lopour talks about how digital optimization can help.

Adapting to Disruption

  • Ashley Bott-Schmidt
  • Oct. 30 2020

2020 has been a year of change. 

A Glossary of Site Search Terms

  • Sep. 23 2020

Better understand the scope of your site search with this site search glossary.

Understanding Site Search — Part Four: Choosing the Right Solution

  • Corey Vilhauer
  • Sep. 23 2020

How do you choose the right search engine for your site search? In part four of our site search series, we look at making the final decision.

Understanding Site Search — Part Three: How Will You Organize Results?

  • Corey Vilhauer
  • Sep. 23 2020

When results are displayed in your site search, will they be relevant? In part three our site search series, we talk about organizing and displaying results.

Understanding Site Search — Part Two: What Content Will You Search?

  • Corey Vilhauer
  • Sep. 23 2020

You might want to search it all. Or, you might want to search a small section. In part two of our site search series, we look at how to choose what's indexed in your site search.

Understanding Site Search — Part One: How Does Search Work?

  • Corey Vilhauer
  • Sep. 23 2020

Before we can make decisions about site search, we need to understand how it works. In part one of our site search series, we look at how search works.

Understanding Site Search — Your Guide to Site Search Functionality

  • Corey Vilhauer
  • Sep. 23 2020

Site search requires big decisions — and solid expectations. We introduce a four-part series on planning for and making decisions around your site's internal search.

Design Through Discovery: Blend's Strategic Design Philosophy

  • Aug. 20 2020

Blend’s strategic design philosophy is one of Design Through Discovery: we design in a way that's usable, useful, and collaborative with those who will use and maintain the final product.

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