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What Makes Developers Really Great?

    Deane Barker
  • Sep. 17 2013

How to stay attractive — and relevant — when on the open development market.

Scratching the Surface of Silex

    Derek Fernholz
  • Sep. 05 2013

In the web development world, we often default to “let’s just use what we’ve always used.” However, often these solutions aren’t simple - they’re just familiar. Enter Silex.

Preventing Upgrade Headaches with Selenium WebDriver

    Jackson Murtha
  • Sep. 05 2013

Upgrading software can be an exercise in rising pulses, clenching teeth, and immense stress. That’s where we can turn to an unexpected testing friend: Selenium.

Five Practices of the Well-Rounded Content Management Developer

    Deane Barker
  • Jul. 12 2013

Content management is a practice. And Deane Barker has outlined the five things that can make you a well-rounded content management developer.

Searching With Solr

    Seth Larson
  • Jun. 21 2013

Chances are, you’ve found yourself in the sticky situation of adapting a default search engine. At Blend, we’ve gone in a new direction, looking toward an open source solution called Apache Solr.

Start Searching with Solr

  • Mar. 15 2013

Solr has quickly become one of the most popular search engines available. In this article from Web and PHP Magazine, Tyler Harms walks us through giving us even easier access through Solarium.

eZ Publish 5 Tutorial

    Joe Kepley
  • Mar. 02 2013

A series of blog posts covering the basics of building a site on the Symfony components of eZ Publish 5.

South Dakota Code Camp 2012 Recap

  • Nov. 14 2012

The free, one-day event focused on computer programming and hosted more than 100 local and regional developers.

“Published in 1885, Shared on Facebook” — eZ Community UnConference 2013

    Joe Kepley
  • Oct. 29 2012

How do you pull more than 120 years of archived content to the web? Very carefully. Joe Kepley explains at eZ Community UnConference.

Deane and Joe at eZ Publish Partner Conference

    Deane Barker
  • Mar. 12 2012

Two-thirds of our partners descended upon eZ Publish Partner Conference to drop some knowledge about calendars and content management.

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