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Deane Barker

“Charting a New Course — Why the CEO Matters More Than the Developer”

    Deane Barker
  • Oct. 26 2013

Knowing how to management content on your site is essential for online success, but duplicating the creation of a CMS is often a waste of time. Learn how to choose and properly manage content in this keynote address.

What Makes Developers Really Great?

    Deane Barker
  • Sep. 17 2013

How to stay attractive — and relevant — when on the open development market.

Five Practices of the Well-Rounded Content Management Developer

    Deane Barker
  • Jul. 12 2013

Content management is a practice. And Deane Barker has outlined the five things that can make you a well-rounded content management developer.

Gadgetopia Named One of the Five CMS Blogs You Should be Reading

  • Jan. 16 2013

Complex, yet subtle, topics surrounding content management tackled.

Everyone Wants a Number

    Deane Barker
  • Aug. 17 2012

The struggle between trying to help provide a number for a future budget before the scope of the project has been defined.

Deane and Joe at eZ Publish Partner Conference

    Deane Barker
  • Mar. 12 2012

Two-thirds of our partners descended upon eZ Publish Partner Conference to drop some knowledge about calendars and content management.

Five Tips to Getting a Good Response to a Content Management RFP

    Deane Barker
  • Jul. 08 2011

Some collected observations on what works in an Request for Proposal (RFP), and what doesn’t.

Blend Interactive Named EPiServer North America’s Partner of the Year

    Deane Barker
  • Jan. 26 2010

Blend happy to have been a part of EPiServer’s North American expansion plans. 

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