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Everyone Wants a Number

    Deane Barker
  • Aug. 17 2012

The struggle between trying to help provide a number for a future budget before the scope of the project has been defined.

Blend Featured by Office of Economic Development

  • Aug. 09 2012

We’re proud to be a South Dakota success story. 

“The Myth of the Perfect Methodology” — Corey Vilhauer at Confab 2012

    Corey Vilhauer
  • May. 16 2012

Every novice content strategist searches for the perfect content strategy, and every experienced content strategist fights to keep his or hers relevant. But can the always-changing process ever be complete?

Deane and Joe at eZ Publish Partner Conference

    Deane Barker
  • Mar. 12 2012

Two-thirds of our partners descended upon eZ Publish Partner Conference to drop some knowledge about calendars and content management.

Audiences, Outcomes, and Determining User Needs

    Corey Vilhauer
  • Feb. 28 2012

Every website needs an audience. And every audience needs a goal. Advocating for end-user needs is the very foundation of the user experience disciplines. Corey Vilhauer explains the threads that bind UX research to content strategy and project deliverables that deliver.

Tim Joins the Dispatch Project

  • Feb. 08 2012

Project manager Tim Schoffelman joined a group of Sioux Falls businesspeople on a mission-based outreach program in the Dominican Republic. 

A Content Methodology Primer

    Corey Vilhauer
  • Dec. 07 2011

Content work is not an art. It's a messy, sticky, multi-disciplinary process that begs for structure, consistency, and guidance. Learn more about building a content methodology with this content methodology primer.

Blend Beta Tests Stanford d-school Design Thinking Workshop

  • Dec. 02 2011

Methodology of discovery and prototyping similar to user experience process. 

The Story of the Web 2.0 Summit Map

  • Oct. 24 2011

From the mind of a conference organizer and industry legend, to a six-digit engagement number and a few comments from some guy named Zuckerberg. This is the story of the Web 2.0 Summit Map.

Blend Has Moved!

  • Jul. 21 2011

Stop by and see us. We have beer in the fridge. 

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