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Marshall Crosby

Senior UI Developer

Marshall will tell you that he’s the most boring man in the world. This coming from a guy who went to school for graphic design, designed interactive ads for major companies — Samsung, Mini, Nestlé - and seamlessly shifted from site design to front-end development. He might think he’s boring, but he's run the gamut of the modern web designer.

More than anyone at Blend, Marshall exemplifies the shift from the web as an advertising channel toward websites becoming a critical piece of communication. While he loved making interactive ads back in the day, he knows the work he does now is more important — it means more, and lasts longer, with Blend’s clients.

It makes sense. It’s not that he’s utilitarian — it’s just that he likes to make sure things are created well. His favorite power tool is an impact wrench. Wait. Maybe it’s a chainsaw. (He thinks that sounds more badass. We agree.)

And it’s that very thing that makes Marshall so good at what he does: the need to tinker, the focus on choosing the right tools, the devotion to good craftsmanship. Your HTML and CSS are in good hands, even if those hands might be a bit boring.