Rosenbauer America

Working with Rosenbauer America to make a bold, bright, and engaging site for firefighters and dealers.

What we did
  • Discovery and strategy
  • Responsive and mobile-first design
  • Custom eZ Systems integration
  • Google Maps development and integration
  • Ongoing support
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Built For Those Who Need It

Here’s the thing about municipal fire stations: they have dreams, and they have needs, but they also have budgets. So while the down time between calls for service often leads to browsing new fire trucks and equipment with longing, in practice there are a lot of hoops a facility must jump through to bring in new fire apparatus.

Rosenbauer is one of the world’s most recognized names in fire trucks and apparatus — has been helping fire districts, from volunteer to municipal, navigate those hoops for decades through a customer-centric purchase process and the belief that the act of purchasing a fire truck is a deeply personal one. After all, these are real lives being served, requiring real safety and real stability.

Rosenbauer America asked Blend to help them with the redesign of their new website — an eZ Publish install that included a dealer portal and integration of unique functionality, from a social feed to custom dealer maps.

Design For Bold

Step one: make this thing mobile friendly. As is the case with most on-the-move sales and manufacturing industries, Rosenbauer’s dealers are moving more and more toward tablets as they work with customers.

Rosenbauer America's new site was designed to be bold, appealing to those who love to browse for fire trucks while off-duty — and the salespeople who represent them.

We worked with Rosenbauer to help create the right mix of information and lightness required for mobile — at any width. This even meant developing a system to take the tabular data from vehicle and apparatus spec sheets and making it work in multiple columns at smaller widths. It also meant making sure search filters — especially for highly trafficked pages like the trucks and products — could work effortlessly on a phone as well as full desktop.

In addition, because Rosenbauer is a global brand, we worked hard to make the site bold, bright, and impactful while still staying true to Rosenbauer’s international corporate site. This pairing of corporate brand standards and the kinds of great videos and photography that Rosenbauer America puts out on a regular basis helped toe the line between recognizing their international counterparts while still staying true to their own brand.

One Feed to Rule Them All

You might not think the fire apparatus industry is a particularly exciting industry. But one look at the time and effort Rosenbauer America puts into bold photography, videos, and social presence, and you’d be quickly mistaken. Rosenbauer America's site was built to help feature the social aspect of the fire and rescue industry, where camaraderie has moved from the firehouse to Twitter — and beyond.

From Twitter gallery updates to videos of new deliveries, the social feed automatically pulls content from a variety of channels, giving users the ability to view Rosenbauer’s activity firsthand. Even pages built within the CMS can be added, helping promote new products or communicate news among the company’s social media feed.

From early wireframes to final design, the Rosenbauer news feed took shape through user feedback and constant tweaks.

Serving Those Who Serve Our Customers

Rosenbauer America’s lifeblood is its dealers, who help sell and deliver fire equipment around the world. For this reason, Rosenbauer America’s site was designed and structured with dealers in mind — and with the understanding that the site serves to support its dealers, not the other way around.

This led to an overhaul of their dealer member section, giving members access to the stock and demo truck list, e-learning, and dealer meeting information — a basic intranet that leverages the design and content model of the public eZ Publish site, all hidden behind a dealer login.

This includes a unique file browser that mimics the layout of the folders within the content backend, allowing for less fussiness when uploading documents, as well as a standardized method of presenting new information.

Finally, there’s the dealer map, which highlights each dealer’s coverage down to the county — a mashup that was created through zip code databases, Google Maps, and Rosenbauer America’s own dealer list. USGS data and private databases were used to draw polygons around the counties in the US and Canada, giving a quick visual representation of a dealer’s reach. 

A Continuing Partnership

Official eZ Systems Advanced Plus Partner

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What began years ago with a custom truck builder application has turned into a full web relationship, as this marks the fifth year that Rosenbauer America and Blend have worked together on some aspect of their web presence.

And while we are proud that the site looks as great and works as smoothly as can be expected, we’re more proud to get to work with an organization like Rosenbauer America to make something special: a modern site that can adapt with the times — and best serve the people who keep us safe, both here at home and beyond.

“Blend Interactive is like Rosenbauer America in many ways, in that we both have international clients requiring mastery of our products on a global scale. Rosenbauer chose Blend because of the personal service they extend to their clients. They demonstrated a range of capabilities, and they accommodated our change orders professionally and gracefully.”

Neil Chaney,
Marketing - Digital Media
Rosenbauer America