Developing a Secure Solution for a Region’s Bank

Blend worked with Great Western Bank to move their site to Episerver, providing a secure solution for a region’s trusted bank.


  • Great Western Bank

When we began working with Great Western Bank to improve their accessibility, we understood that the idea of web accessibility and a modern, fast mobile design goes hand in hand.

It’s with that in mind that we dove into the corporate site for Great Western Bank: to make the site clean, clear, and — most of all — accessible to as many people as possible. Yes we wanted to be sure everything was covered on an accessible level, but it was also important to a make the site modern, fresh, and trustworthy.

The overall design refresh paired structural updates with superficial design changes in order to make the site more modern — both in visibility and from a technical slant. This meant developing a cleaner layout that was friendly on mobile devices, but also making major updates to the CSS in order to boost speed and provide fallbacks for when images weren’t available, or in cases of lower bandwidth.

In the end, the combination of fresh design and a focus on accessibility led to us getting a big fat zero — as in zero remaining accessibility issues. It’s not every day you get excited about getting a zero on a test, but when it comes to ADA compliance, having zero issues is a perfect score.

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