Weston Burkhardt

Interactive Designer
“My favorite color is #1a0dab”

There’s that one point we can trace our careers back to. For Weston, it was a late 90s Gateway. It was Microsoft Paint.

That one point — that Microsoft Paint point — shifted his focus from a childhood of drawing and designing to a degree from Morningside College, double majoring in graphic design and advertising and running full on into the dawning of technology and user interface design.

Weston doesn’t see interactive design as a graphical field. This isn’t a matter of making things pretty. This is, as Weston puts it, the answer to the questions that inhibit an organization’s growth. How do you effectively illustrate the complex mission of a centuries-old institution? How do you help a university show a sense of place and growth? How do you take something ethereal and give it color and shape?

Someday, Weston will retire. He will stop making user interfaces, and he will focus on creating art. He will learn to play the piano. Regardless, he won’t quit designing things. He’ll just shift the focus. Until then, though, he’s here. Still drawing. Still designing.

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