Tyler Hecht

“Never be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know.”

For some, the art and skill of building a website is a singular craft. It's how they create. For others, it's one of many creative paths: a DIY lifestyle that moves from websites to home wiring to other tactile crafts.

Tyler is one of those others.

He is a former Religion and Philosophy major (who, thankfully for us, transitioned to Computer Science) that made his way to South Dakota through his education at Dakota State University. He’s not a native to our home state, though — his roots began in Inwood, IA, a small town of 800. Small towns breed resourcefulness, and Tyler's got that in spades: he's not afraid to ask questions, loves learning new things, and is willing to tackle any task. As a .NET developer here at Blend, he's responsible for using all of these skills to craft solutions for both full-stack installs and one-off features.

But those DIY urges run deep. So it's no surprise that when he needs a break from the digital world, Tyler is hands-on and tactile. His two-and-a-half stall garage is slowly turning into a burgeoning woodworking shop (with the agreement that he will start his wife's car and scrape windows in the winter), and in today's screen-heavy gaming world he's more likely to dip into his board game library of nearly 90+ games.

It's that balance of digital and tactile, resourceful and eager, that makes Tyler such a great fit. (Not to mention for when we need some chairs reupholstered.)