Tina Horner

Finance Manager
“Charlie’s Resort is a must stop place, as long as you can ignore the interior design which still represents the late 1960s.”

Tina’s first job was with cattle. Herefords and Gelbvieh steers, to be specific. She was nine, and she raised and showed the livestock, like you do when you are a nine-year-old steer wrangler.

As a teenager, Tina drove a four-door green Buick Brougham. It was passed down from her parents, and we suspect there was a bit of small-town charm rolled up in that beast.

From her time as a steer wrangler, to her days waiting tables at the famous Charlie’s Resort in Lake City, S.D., you can see everything was leading toward a career helping people. And that’s how Tina sees accounting — as a kind of stress relief. The kind of relief that’s often not just welcomed, but necessary, especially when it comes to the anxiety of financial records.

Funny enough, she almost ended up on the development side of things. Alongside her accounting degree, she was fighting for a computer science degree. Her goal: actually write the software to make effective bookkeeping and accounting happen.

She chose to stick to accounting, thankfully for us, and left development to the rest of Blend.


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