Stephanie Uher

“When I was in accounting class, I had to do all of the calculations by hand. All I wanted to do was make the spreadsheet in Excel do the calculations for me.”

It’s hard to find a good developer who can work in just one of the major technology stacks. And then there’s Stephanie, former BLIP intern, fitness enthusiast, volleyball coach, and dual-stack developer in both PHP and .NET.

You’d think this would be a difficult process, keeping track of two different technology methods, but that’s who Stephanie is. On one hand, there’s the organized Stephanie, who coordinates her closet by color; on the other, there’s the Stephanie who took her Jeep out mudding just two days into owning it.

These seemingly contradictory traits helped her as she shifted from software to web development and helps her keep up with the constantly evolving nature of the business. So if Stephanie has some free time you may find her staying in to do some DIY projects, or, maybe going out for a run. Either way, she makes it look easy.


Stephanie's Feed

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