Stephanie Krumvieda

Director of Project Management
“I love the opportunity to continue learning. Every project is unique and has its own set of challenges. That is what motivates me.”

For six months, there was a bottle of Odell Oktoberfest on Stephanie’s shelf. It was a lesson in patience and willpower: she was pregnant, and she sure wasn’t going to let Oktoberfest season go without saving a bit of it for later.

Project management is like that, too. A bit of patience, a bit of willpower. It’s the type of skillset that Stephanie uses every day. While shopping online: comparing prices, accessing coupons, and crunching numbers to find the best deal. While being a new mom: negotiating the needs of a baby who doesn’t care about a schedule. While managing a client project: defining scopes, developing roadmaps, and balancing the needs of the client with the capacity of our staff.

Basically, she helps us give our clients the best deal.

Don’t tell her parents, but when Stephanie was young she would race her blue 1990 Z24 Chevy Cavalier. And she would win. She always thought she was an exceptional race car driver. Turns out the previous owner had just dropped a good chunk of money on the engine.

Technology and marketing is kind of like that, to get ahead you have to invest in your product. And have a bit of patience and willpower, too.

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