Lindsay Lundeby

Office Coordinator
“If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor. -Eleanor Roosevelt”

When most of your work happens over ethernet cables and wifi, there’s always a risk that the physical office might take a hit. Which is exactly why we need someone like Lindsay here in Sioux Falls to keep everything humming: to be a friendly face at the front door, a warm voice on the phone, and the official first contact for all things Blend.

To say that’s a lot of hats to wear is an understatement, but given that Lindsay collected antique hats as a child it isn’t too much to bear. In fact, a Master’s in project management has taught her that a project is never overwhelming when you can visualize all of the working parts - and there are a LOT of working parts to manage at Blend.

An official South Dakotan of 11 years (via northern Arizona, southern Illinois, and Tulsa, Oklahoma), Lindsay has visited 46 states, which leaves her with only four to go. She dreams of having a floor-to-ceiling library in her house someday, but until then we’re happy she’s here helping us keep our books in order, no matter which hat she’s wearing.