Laura Brown

Project Manager
“My favorite joke is ... hold on ... (Googles joke)”

Laura was persistent. She asked for a laptop and a puppy for Christmas every year until she was 18. And then it was time for college, and she got that laptop. (The puppy was going to be the background on her laptop.)

Two years later, as a struggling biology major, she made a more significant shift: toward the web, via the only program at SDSU that came close — advertising.

This is the progression of Laura’s life: shifting from one place to another, learning from mistakes, taking the inefficiencies of her organization and building on them in order to make things easier. She’s most proud when she can see a finished product, knowing so many people played a part in it, understanding how it’s going to help a client or business succeed.

She believes strongly in what Dr. Brené Brown calls the gifts of “imperfection,” the idea that we need to let go of who we think we are supposed to be, and instead just be who we are. It’s what opens us up to better and deeper learning — and a better understanding of how people work.

Learning how people work, huh? It’s a good skill for a project manager. Now, to get that puppy background figured out.

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