Karla Santi

Chief Executive Officer / Founder
“The first time I saw a website was the first day of my internship in 1997. They sat me down and told me to figure out how to build one myself..”

Karla has run the gamut from aspiring graphic designer to community leader, and along the way she has helped build what is now known as Blend Interactive.

It all started with design talent, a graphic design degree, and a roommate with an uncle that ran an interactive firm. Thrown farther and farther into web development, Karla found herself in a career that didn't even exist in her high-school guidance counselor’s catalog.

Karla has continued to shift and evolve — just like the industry itself. Over the past decade Karla has seamlessly moved from working alongside the team designing sites and nerding out about Pantone colors to serving as the leader and guide for Blend, both here in the office and out into the community.

Now, as chief executive officer, Karla is responsible for the leadership and strategic direction of Blend, setting strategic goals and initiatives to move Blend forward in a way that aligns with our mission, vision, and values. She evangelizes local entrepreneurship and community building, and at times escapes it all by taking her aggressions out on a tennis court or regaining her composure and grace through ballet.

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What Makes a Great Team — Karla Santi featured on Culture is Currency

  • Feb. 27 2019

Culture at Blend plays a big part in the success of our business. It reflects who we are as a company, how we value each other, and the trust that comes with being a part of something bigger than ourselves. CEO Karla Santi shares what makes a great team in her recent feature on Culture is Currency.

Blend Expands Leadership

  • Feb. 12 2019

Blend Interactive is expanding its leadership team to include a trio of seasoned Blenders, while Jessica Hutchinson moves up to become Chief Operating Officer.

Blend and Episerver Celebrate Ten Years as Partners

  • Nov. 14 2018

Ten years ago, a long-lasting partnership between Blend Interactive and Episerver officially began. Together, we’ve been through several versions, dozens of new sites, and a lot of change.

Blend Road Report: Spring and Summer 2018

  • Jul. 23 2018

It has been a busy year for Blend as we travel around the world to attend conferences, visit clients and CMS partners, and speak at industry events. With a few spare moments in the office, we reflect on the past few months of adventures.

CEO Karla Santi Joins Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Nov. 02 2017

There’s a value in not just understanding the city and state you are a part of, but also participating in it. With that in mind, Blend CEO Karla Santi has been busy acting as Blend’s ambassador across the Sioux Falls area, all starting with her appointment to the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

Road Update: August and September 2017

  • Blend Interactive
  • Sep. 21 2017

Five weeks can go by pretty quickly, and when most of Blend seems to be making appearances at conferences and events, it’s easy to lose track of where we’ve gone. So, allow us to look back at the past five weeks. 

Embe’s ’Camp CEO‘ Visits Blend

  • Aug. 08 2016

Middle school girls get the low-down on what it takes to be a #LADYBOSS.

Blend Supports Girls Who Code

  • Mar. 03 2016

Only a tiny fraction of women choose to major in computer science when they start college. Blend was featured in an article about what the Sioux Falls public schools are doing to buck that trend.

Karla Santi Chosen to Present Congressional Internet Freedom Award

  • Apr. 29 2016

Blend CEO Karla Santi was chosen to introduce South Dakota senator John Thune as he is awarded the Internet Association’s Congressional Internet Freedom Award.

Karla Santi Joins U.S. Rep Kristi Noem For Women of Influence Panel

  • Apr. 01 2016

Blend CEO Karla Santi joined U.S. Representative Kristi Noem on stage for a panel on women and opportunities at this year’s Women of Influence conference.

Professional Women Building Relationships Through Tennis

  • Jun. 02 2015

CEO Karla Santi featured in Sioux Falls Business Journal.