John Pavek

“Why don't .NET Developers wear glasses? Because they can C#.”

Most people’s first loan is a student loan, or a car loan. John, though, unknowingly prepared for his future as a .NET developer at Blend by taking out his first loan on a custom-built PC when he was just 16. As one does.

This doesn’t mean his career started on that computer. John first got into programming by creating a “guess the number” style game on his TI-84, and built his first website to win a $20 bet. (That it took $150 for the hardware and domain is beside the point: he still won that bet.)

We’ve been promised bad puns, but we’ve politely declined. Despite this affront to the English language, John’s dedication to branching out to new programming languages — from SCO UNIX and Perl to JavaScript and .NET. — is a huge part of why we think he fits in so well.

Seems like that $20 bet is really starting to pay off.

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