Joe Kepley

Chief Technical Officer / Founder
“One of the favorite parts of my job is learning about clients’ business and coming up with solutions to the issues they face.”

Joe and the world wide web go way back — almost all the way back to its very inception. After a few run-ins with HTML and Unix during his time in college, he was hooked and it was off to the races. Fast forward to now, years after helping found Blend Interactive, Joe serves as Director of Technical Services, which involves leading production-related IT efforts outside of development, from cloud hosting to deployment workflow.

His goal every day is to continually improve the experience for both the team at Blend and the clients we partner with. Updating and improving our methods through new processes and tools. Learning from project to project what can make the company — and the industry as a whole — a little better. Taking a client’s pain points and turning into something we can be proud of. He's even a Certified Umbraco Developer.

There’s a guitar on the wall in Joe’s office — another, more physical technology that he’s begun trying to tackle. Until then, there’s a good chance he’s already working through something hairy on the web — making music out of bits of code all the while.

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There Won't Be An Ad Blocker War

  • Joe Kepley
  • Sep. 21 2015

People seem to have really taken notice of ad blocking. But despite the worries of publishers – and the ethics behind ad blocking – those who are basking in their newly fast web will quickly lose the war.

Structured Content the Right Way

  • Joe Kepley
  • Jan. 31 2015

Blobs. Chunks. WYSIWYG vs. structured content. There are two ends to the spectrum, and we discuss how to land somewhere in the middle, providing a quality editing experience while still keeping the constructs of structured content front and center.

Joe Kepley Joins eZ Publish Community Project Board

  • Apr. 02 2013

The board is responsible for maintaining a set of core values, helping to steer long-term direction, and serving the needs of the overall eZ Publish Community.

Joe Kepley featured on The CMS Connected Show

  • Joe Kepley
  • Mar. 24 2014

Joe Kepley talks eZ Publish and eZ Systems on The CMS Connected Show.